The TRA Association was officially constituted on 20th March 2010 as a voluntary association operating in two main areas:

  1. In Piedmont, sensitizing the population to a greater understanding of the customs and traditions of other cultures, especially the Senegalese one, by organising cultural events and evenings such as exhibitions of photos and Senegalese traditional handicrafts, ethnic music shows and presentations of a book written by a TRA member on her experience of voluntary work in a trip organized by the Association.
  2. The TRA Association is also available for and often organises awareness-raisings on the understanding of other cultures and the multi-faceted issue of immigration in schools, parishes or other groups where its presence is requested. TRA is also currently operating in some micro-projects in Senegal, aimed at the most disadvantaged groups of population like children, women and elderly people in the fields of health care and schooling.
In the previous years TRA already completed and/or participated in other micro-projects, in Rwanda and Senegal, where it still does most of its work.